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P.J.C.'s Amtrak and Metro-North Railroad Photo Archives

Welcome to the Amtrak and Metro-North Page. Metro-North is a rather interesting railroad. It is the only railroad in the United States that still uses vintage FL9s and rebuilt FL9-ACs in everyday revenue service. It is also the only other railroad besides Amtrak that owns AMD-110s(P-32-AC-DM), and although the arrival of the new GE fleet the EMD built FL9s are still running as if they were just built. Metro-North will be retiring some FL9s from its fleet, but most will still be in active service. You can see the F-series locomotives on just about every branch line of Metro-North. They are very commonly seen on the Hudson Line, the Harlem Line, and can be found running up and down the NEC on the New Haven Line pulling shuttle trains to New Danbury and other non-electrified territories. FL9s that are used in Connecticut are painted in their original NEW HAVEN livery. My two favorite locations to shoot FL9s and other Metro-North Locomotive are Dover Plains, and Poughkeepsie. I have also found some rather good places to shoot Amtrak trains. One place is in Hyde Park and Staatsburg New York where Amtrak's Hudson Valley Line runs. In this area, which was once controlled by FL9-ACs, you can find P-32-AC-DMs and the ocassional Rohr Turboliner. Also, in this area you will find all of Amtrak's Empire Service trains, the Ethan Allen Express, The Maple Leaf, and the Adirondack, which all make daily runs through upstate NY. Another place that I have found is an Amtrak hot-spot is the NEC. New London is a great place to find F40-PH's and if you get tired of just seeing F40's go down to New Haven where you can watch AEM7s hand over jobs to the F40s for service to Boston which is unfortunately being electrified as I speak. This means if you want to see one of Amtrak's most commonly seen engines, go get your pictures now before it's too late.

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FL9 #2003 idling in Dover Plains Station. Click Here
FL9 #2003 and its two new Bombardier Shoreliners in Dover Plains Station. Click Here
FL9 #2003 charging up and approaching the South End crossing at Dover Plains. Click Here
FL9 #2003 proceeding over South End crossing at Dover Plains. Click Here
Bombardier Shoreliner cab car #6306 approaching Dover Plains. Click Here
P32-AC-DM #203 at the North End of Poughkeepsie Station. Click Here
Enlargment of FL9M #2016 and F10 brother #411. Click Here
Bombardier Shoreliner resting in a siding at Poughkeepsie, NY. Click Here
FL9-AC #2045 winds down her HEP equipment after arriving at Poughkeepsie. Click Here
A closer view of #2045 idling in the North End of Poughkeepsie Station. Click Here
All charged up and already pulling out, #2045 heads back down South to Grand Central Teminal. Click Here
Amtrak P32 #711 heads North to Albany and Metro-North P32 #207 heads South to Grand Central. Click Here
P32-AC-DM #208 pulling into Poughkeepsie Station. Click Here
Metro-North GP35R #102 in New Haven, CT. Click Here
GP35R #102 Click Here
Metro-North GP40PH2 #6694 idles in a siding with CDOT Bombardier Shoreliners at New Haven, CT. Click Here

F40-PH #258 pulling into New London Station. Click Here
F40-PH #207 rolling South through New London Station. Click Here
Rohr Turboliner posing as the Ethan Allen Express flies through Staatsburg at the top track speed of 90mph. Click Here
Now in charge of an Empire Service run, the turboliner once again flies through Staatsburg. Click Here
#700 flying passed the crossing at River Road in Staatsburg, NY. Click Here
FL9 #486 pulling into Poughkeepsie Station in 1992. Click Here
P32-AC-DM #711 charges her 3,200hp prime mover and slowly pulls this Albany Bound train out of Poughkeepsie Station. Click Here
AEM7 #919 pulls into the north end of New Haven Station with 4 Amfleet coaches. Click Here
F40PH #414 is waiting for it's passengers to board so it may begin it's trip to Springfield, MASS. Click Here
F40PH #414 gets the highball and starts to release her brakes and starts moving. Click Here
F40PH #414 pulling the last of it's four MBTA cars out of New Haven Station. Click Here
At Worcester, Mass we see the arrival of a MBTA passenger train from Boston, Mass. #1059, a F40PH-2C is heading up the consist of 5 double deckers and 1 shoreliner car, which was sandwitched between the engine and the DD's.Click Here
F40PH-2C #1059 is pulling into the end of Worcester Station. Click Here

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